Thursday, March 27, 2014

Making the Invisible "Visible"

I think I have always had an enormous capacity for wonder - there are some things that are just so wonderful and incredible and marvelous and (best of all) impossible that my mind just explodes when I think of them.  I just love that *gasp* feeling. 

We went to the AGO this weekend, which was completely fabulous.  There I saw a series of posters, and fell in love.  The artist, Janice Kerbel, works to make visible those things that can not be seen.  In this case, it is through words, graphically displayed and mind-bogglingly vivid, that she brings into your imagination, as plain as day, characters that are, quite plainly impossible. 

This is art I would LOVE to have on my walls, although I would have a hard time choosing just one of this series. I think that someday, when my library dreams come true, that would truly be the perfect place to hang something like this - printed as big as possible, of course.  Just to remind us that while a picture may be worth a thousand words, a few well chosen words can sometimes do more than even the most talented painter ever could.

I couldn't find a decent link to the whole series, so I just made a pinterest board with the images.  Hopefully it works that way.  The artist's name is Janice Kerbel and the series is called Remarkable.  Truly.


  1. Rose! This is incredible! I just want to cry but it could be for other reasons too...

    Thanks for being you and inspiring me. I truly appreciate who you are, especially for all the ways we are so DIFFERENT. You cause me to see things I never would have on my own.


  2. wow, I think I will need help with this:-) pictures have always been my gateway to intrigue and wonder. maybe sometime you can explain how this works. love you for being you!