Friday, July 29, 2011

re-using button up shirts

I've already mentioned the adorable little girl's shirt dress which takes a man's dress shirt and turns it into a dress.  This is another idea which uses a dress shirt, this time, turning it into a great centre piece.  At first I thought that each little votive just had the cuff of the sleeve around it (which could be cute too), but the other pictures show you what's really going on.  On the same blog she makes a cute change purse out of the cuff.  It really is great to do a sewing project where all the tricky parts (the buttons and holes) are done for you!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Labyrinth Rug

I have been debating about finding a cool area rug for my daughter's bedroom.  Right now it is a purely functional place with no recreation happening at all.  And since we'll probably move before it ever becomes a play room, I won't invest in anything right now.  But when the time comes to find a cool area rug, I will be seriously thinking about this amazing idea.  Diy, recycled (you could easily make it out of someone's carpet scrap) and full of sentimental memories.  Growing up, The Labyrinth was one of our family's favourite movies; fantasy, magic, a ball, and big furry Muppets, not to mention David Bowie and the beautiful (very young) Jennifer Connolly - how could you go wrong?  Anyway, another bonus is the versatility of this idea - Odeedoh points out the merits of this idea for creating a race track or other setting for imaginative play.  So cool!