Monday, September 26, 2011

Genuis Reused Reusable Lunch Containers

My resourceful and creative sister passed on this amazing idea to me.  I am floored by how easy, clever and cheap (free!!) these things are!  And seriously, the milk jug one looks exactly like something expensive you'd buy from a specialty shop!  Wow!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Crib Turned Desk

A clever little idea that provides tons of space for your kidlets to create.  Use your empty crib between babies, or even an older crib that you feel is no longer safe for sleeping.  Cute!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Get Back Together With Your Home

After a summer full of parties, parties, parties and back pain, my home and I are definitely not getting along.  I am stressed out every time I walk into my bedroom and I'm starting to wonder whether or not I even have a kitchen counter.  Alright, it's not quite that bad, but this post really hit the nail on the head.  A clever way of looking at how you interact with the place where you live.  Although it's not really a person, your home definitely plays a HUGE role in the dynamics of your family and your everyday life.  This article's perspective is a good reminder to acknowledge the importance of respecting your environment, both inside and out.  Oh, and if you've got the time, check out all the links throughout the article.  Super helpful.

As a side note, I have just recently discovered the re-nest section of apartment therapy.  Very cool.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

When I'm Thirty Five

Will someone write something as lovely as this when I turn 35?  Hint, hint, husband ;)  I know you're getting a lot of SouleMama from me these days and not a lot of practical ideas, but I'm just feeling a little sappy these days and so I tear up at the littlest thing and count it worthy of posting about...Anyways, again, I'm inspired.  Looking forward to the days when I've got this whole mom thing down pat and I can say that my "mind holds the tiny bits of every day life that weave the very fabric of our beings".  Wow.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Family Tradition

SouleMama never fails to take my thoughts and put them into words that are beautiful and succinct.  In this post, she talks about their latest trip to camp, and how it's a place full of memories from her childhood and her children's and perhaps one day their children's.  That's my dream for the Point - a place that my husband has been visiting for as long as he can remember, and that I've been to for the tenth summer in a row now.  And now our daughter has been there for her fourth visit since she was born last summer.  I love the idea of my kids having a place that has been a part of their lives from as far back as their memory goes, and even further back than that

Thursday, September 1, 2011

crate table

I have a bunch of painted white farm crates which have been used in so many ways over the years.  They are now being used to take up space in the basement.  :(  But I have one really nice old bare wood one, and that's the one that I think could work for this project.  At one point someone did a horrible sponge painting job on the one side of it (shame!) so I was thinking I might just sand and paint the one side of it and make that the top - a nice smooth surface - and then have it open on one side...who knows.  Knowing, right off the bat, is not the point.  The inspiration is the point.  And I'm inspired.

gift wrapping

Presents are one of my favourite things, and wrapping them is always an ordeal for me.  I will use a gift bag if I'm in a real pinch, but for me, part of the joy of giving is in the unwrapping.  So I love to make the outside look as good as the inside, if I can.

Here is a great bunch of ideas for gift wrapping.  I love how many of them just use little scraps from around the house (yarn, brown paper (I always cut up old paper bags), fabric and ribbon). I LOVE the confetti ones.