Tuesday, November 1, 2011

gift wrapping with old packaging

At the grocery store today I was on the verge of picking up some cute, cheap Christmas wrapping paper.  I remembered though, that I had planned to never buy wrapping paper again. I don't necessarily think it's evil or anything (although you can't through it in the recycling), but I just think I can be more creative than that.  That's where this lovely idea comes in.  Of course it's recycled which only adds to the awesomeness.  Also see my other post on gift wrapping.  Yay for presents!

practical picket fence

One of the less-than-awesome things about having an old house is the lack of plugs.  We have extension cords hanging around everywhere and they drive me crazy.  Here is a cute idea that could certainly work in a kid-focused area of the house that helps to playfully disguise the endless cords that are lying around.  You might be able to buy something like it, or you could definitely make it yourself.