Thursday, May 3, 2012

Messy Party

Really, when you think about it, almost anything can be a theme for a party.  This one** is so fantastic - Messy!  The only requirement for the food, decorations and games is that they help you get messy!  How awesome!  So much more fun than worrying about fancy dresses and perfect cupcakes (although I'll probably do that a few more times in my life).

** Unfortunately it appears that is down for some reason.  Sorry that the links from her site no longer work!  In this link she features a party where the theme is messy.  They have flour wars, eat powdered donuts hanging from strings, make mud pies and do other hilariously messy activities.

Word Book

I love this idea** of making a book with words and pictures of specific things in your home that baby might want to know.  And this book would be useful for a long time, even once your child starts to learn letters and spelling.  I have also been thinking about making a face book (ha) for baby with pictures of all the people who love her.  She LOVES to see pictures of faces and familiar ones are just that much better.

**Unfortunately it seems that is down for some reason.  Sorry that the links from her website no longer work! In this link she had made a photo book (like something you'd make on shutterfly) using pictures she's taken of objects around the house (train, spoon, teddy bear...) and also of those words written out using those magnetic letters.  Super cute.