Thursday, September 8, 2011

When I'm Thirty Five

Will someone write something as lovely as this when I turn 35?  Hint, hint, husband ;)  I know you're getting a lot of SouleMama from me these days and not a lot of practical ideas, but I'm just feeling a little sappy these days and so I tear up at the littlest thing and count it worthy of posting about...Anyways, again, I'm inspired.  Looking forward to the days when I've got this whole mom thing down pat and I can say that my "mind holds the tiny bits of every day life that weave the very fabric of our beings".  Wow.


  1. That made me tear up too! This was my fav line: "We see all of her and through that act of bravery we show our selves in return."

  2. Well I'm trying to hold back the tears... and I turned 36 that day. That was really beautiful. What I most got out of it was to keep living selflessly for my family.
    Love you...