Sunday, March 2, 2014

Hitting, Holding and Staylistening

There are a LOT of ways of raising kids and it seems to me that the easiest way to go is the way you were raised - it just comes naturally.  But I find that most of the time doing things according to instinct results in inconsistency and unpredictable behaviour from me.  And I know this does nothing to help my kids through the stages of exploration they are experiencing.  At the same time, it seems mostly futile to try to make myself into someone I'm not.  And so I am always keeping my eyes out for ways to refine and solidify what comes naturally to me - ways I can be myself in the best way.

Although it seems like a LOT of work, I think this might be one example of something that fits in to what I do naturally (when she hits or has a tantrum, my "ideal" response at this point has been to hold her so that she feels secure enough to let go of that anger), but takes it to the next level.  I find I'm always wondering how second and third children fit into these strategies, not to mention circumstances where you simply aren't or can't be your best self.  Regardless, I'll take inspiration where I can find it.

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